hannah montana appreciation blog

HEY FRIENDS…… i want u all to be happy u should read some posts from this blog


dinosaurs could’ve had hannah montana pictures all over their skin and we would NEVER know

just wanted to let u know the link to ur main doesn't work, did u forget to change it after u changed ur url? also this blog is amazing, u are an inspiration to us all

ooh sorry!! i fixed it but just in case here’s my main

oh and thanks!!!!

i just want you to know… if you take time out of ur day to send me a positive message ur super rad and i hope u find $20 on the ground and even if you don’t i still hope u find $20 because ur probably amazing unless ur mean to people but i dont think ur mean to people right

this blog has more followers than my main

blog makeover underway

more than just a legacy. a generation. a race. an idea.

cory in the house was my favorite show and now it has become my legacy. thousands of people on the internet will look back and think “oh yeah, that’s the person that ran the ‘cory in the house’ blog”

incredible. truly wonderful

I love you and I think you're a god, I shall now draw cory porn and write dirty fan fics in your name

i’ve inspired a legacy

i dont have time to answer the thousands of messages i have but

if u send me love:

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Cory, Meena and Newt, Cory in the House