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is it canon that you are in lesbians with shrek?

it is SO canon. shrek and i are getting married next month

OH MY GOD. YOu just made me smile after MCR broke up for they first time. I love you.

love u 2

You just made my whole fucking day. I loved, and still do love, to this day, Cory in the House, and it still surpasses any Disney show from today. You are one of the great ones, sir. I love you, and you have earned my respect, which is a hard thing to do. Please continue to be a badass.


I just hope you know, a good percentage of people in fandoms deal with emotional issues, and some of them do contemplate and even attempt suicide. What if you were the trigger for their latest suicide, hm? Luckily someone significantly smarter than you made your post a joke.

"significantly smarter" at least i know how to read a sidebar lmao

as the presidential penis i have declared that cory and his dad can stay in the house as long as they want

"if you use the term "fandom", please kill yourself." How about you do it I mean you did just say it/use it yourself

u r a faegt

I set this as one of my homepages so that when I open the Internet in one tab I have my dashboard and in the other I have this blog because it is perfection.


If you ever use the term "Kill yourself" you're just an arsehole really, you're a cunt and don't belong on tumblr

(maybe you should work on your reading comprehension skills starting with my sidebar)

Go Cory. Go Cory. Listen up: here we go, I'm the new kid moving in gettin' it done.